Janet Cadsawan knows that jewelry can hold magic.  As a child in Ohio, her mother’s jewelry box was filled with heirlooms from a far way place - each with a different meaning and memory. This was her first lesson in design as well as storytelling. Meaningful, mythic jewelry continues to be her inspiration.
During a career break to write a novel (with a jeweler protagonist), Janet discovered her design talent. She worked in a jewelry store and apprenticed with a Dutch jeweler as she wrote the book. As the cadsawan collection gained attention from galleries and boutiques, it became apparent she was much better at jewelry design than writing.  However, it also became evident that creating merely beautiful pieces was not satisfying. In 2008, Janet melded her passions for literature and jewelry by crafting pieces inspired by literature and myths.  Her designs quickly found a cult following in fashionistas and fans alike, resulting in Janet’s custom work being in-demand by television and film stylists.

Conscious of the community, cadsawan jewelry is made with reclaimed metal and packaged in recycled materials made in the USA.  cadsawan has collaborated with True Blood's Kristen Bauer Straten on "Care A Little More" and "Out for Africa" jewelry collections, benefitting the Center for Biological Diversity and African Elephants. Janet serves on the Education Committee of the Museum of Art & Design, advocating for arts education in NYC schools.