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  • Sassenachs Unite!

    While I was at San Diego Comic Con, I met up with a lot of fans but had a chance to meet with The Outlander Podcast! They are two sisters, Summer and Ginger, who have been reading Diana Gabaldon's series for years started talking about it on their podcast. It turns out that I had no idea they were sisters! Summer has been one of my jewelry fans for a while and sent me picture wearing the Luckenbooth Necklace. I listen to them often while I work on jewelry, and I have to say that they are some of the most passionate fans of this Outlander universe!

    Over a bourbon old fashioned and hamburger, we decided that we had to celebrate the premiere of Outlander on Starz by having a giveaway. I had just mentioned the Sassenach Pin I was working on, and we decided that we had to share our own fanship with all the Sassenachs out there. Please check out The Outlander Podcast - it's really a refreshing take on the books, and they just published an interview with Diana Gabaldon. We wish you a very happy viewing tonight!



    The Sterling Silver Sassenach Pin with a moonstone on the handle 
    2.5" L x .8" W x .15" D
    63.5 mm L x 21 mm W x 3mm D


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  • Outlandish Giveaway!

    This Giveaway has ended. Thank you!

    For a few weeks now, I've been teasing you with the Thistle Luckenbooth Charm. I've looked everywhere for one that had both interlocking hearts, a thistle with amethyst and with some thistle ornaments - there wasn't one that I was satisfied with, so I designed one. Many fans of the Outlander Series have told me that it's the best one they've seen yet. Some Scots have told me it's Scotch! I wear my ring every day and get compliments on the subway. Needless to say, I love it and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you.

    It's my birthday [and Sam Heughans too]. So, I am giving away a pearl necklace with a charm on it. It is inspired from Ellen's pearls, but hers were in gold and much more intricate. I wanted to make this accessible for all the fans, so I kept the baroque pearls and some beads near the toggle. I hope you like it.

    Here's what you have to do: If you would like an official Outlander Collection of jewelry from the TV Show, please make a comment below to say why and what you want to see in the collection. That's all you have to do. Yes, I am in touch with the Licensors, so they most likely will see your comments. Just be as truthful, passionate, fangirlish and helpful for them and me. And, if you could please tweet about this and follow me on Twitter and Facebook, I would really appreciate it all!!

    ENDS Sunday, May 4th 23:59

    Good luck! Janet

  • “What hath Knights to do with sleep?” ― John Milton



    That's right, no sleeping here Knights of Lazarus of Bethany! The Knights of Lazarus are dedicated to help and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Matthew de Clermont's seal was used to activate these knights to once again protect someone, i.e. Diana Bishop.

    This contest has a noble cause like the Knights of Lazarus, and it is threefold: One is a vow; One is practice; One is help. You must do all of these in order to be worthy to wear this necklace.

    1. Vow: you must promise to help Deborah Harkness promote The Book of Life and the All Soul's Trilogy on the release day, i.e. July 15, 2014

    2. Practice: you must share a good deed you did. It can be an random act of kindness, a community service or an organization you support.

    3. Help: help me with jewelry ideas for the All Souls Trilogy

    Put your answers below and a random person will be chosen.

    You can also enter on Facebook here.


    Ends 1/19/14 at midnight.

    Good Luck!


  • Romina Nabhen talks inspiration and design with Janet

    You may be familiar with Romina Nabhen.  An Argentine beauty based in Miami, her fashion and lifestyle expertise has been shared on all major television networks, including CNN Español, BRAVO, E!, and Telemundo, (just to name a few!). 
    What makes Romina so successful?  We think it has to do with her huge heart-- besides rescuing two pups with her husband, she is a national spokesperson for Children Without A Voice (CWAV), raising awareness and preventing crimes against children, child abuse and neglect.  This is not your average fashionista!
    Romina recently discovered CADSAWAN Jewelry and fell in love with Janet's Dragon Collection. 
    She explains,
    "I resemble a butterfly; light, bright, fluttering my wings all over with an open heart.
    My soul however is strong and fierce like that of a warrior or dragon.
    The essence of my soul has been captured in this dragon pendant
    created by the Alchemist of Jewelry, Janet Cadsawan of CADSAWAN."

    Janet and Romina recently had a chat about inspiration and the jewelry design process.  Check out her blog, for the full interview (and a ton of beautiful, inspiring posts)!


  • THANKFUL sale

    We have a lot to be thankful for this year in the CADSAWAN Studio.
    Books, gems, and incredibly inspiring fans are the things that light up our days. 
    (...well, brownies, too!)

    We are celebrating the holidays with sparkling new designs + a THANKFUL sale!

    Save 30% on ALL JEWELRY with code THANKgems
    until Monday, December 2 at midnight PST.
  • If Wishes were a Locket ...

    The Cluviel Dor was found in a secret compartment of a desk owned by Sookie's Grandmother. It came in a velvet pouch with a letter from Gran telling her it is a magical fairy love object which allows the possessor one wish.


    We've collaborated with Charlaine Harris to bring this amazing object of love to you in the form of a locket!  A portion of proceeds are donated to Habitat for Humanity, so others' wishes may come true.


    You can win one if you help us choose the Sookie quote to be engraved inside. Just list your choice in the comments section and you'll be entered. Extra points can be earned through the Rafflecopter below. ENDS NOVEMBER 11TH.


    1. I'd been waiting for the vampire for years when he walked into the bar. [Dead Until Dark]

    2. My grandmother had raised me to be polite, but she hadn't raised me to be stupid. [Living Dead In Dallas]

    3. Knowing someone simply finds you attractive is always a boost to the spirits. [Dead as a Doornail]

    4. I was a terrible Christian and a decent survivalist. [From Dead to Worse]

  • Geek Chic Winner!

    Valerie here!  I am thrilled to announce that Kelly Fine has won our Geek Chic prize...a Silver Stake Necklace with Diamond Rondelles!

    Kelly's geek chic thoughts:

    "I’ve read the books of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, and they first got me interested in healing with herbs, etc. So now I am hooked on any fiction/non-fiction books that use herbs and homeopathy. I’ve tried several of Claire’s concoctions and have tailored my herb garden toward healing. I use teas and herbal supplements for myself and my family (which my hubby and daughter completely refuse at times because of the taste!). Plus with all the post-apocalyptic shows we watch (Revolution, Walking Dead, etc.) I figured it couldn’t hurt knowing this info. I think a cool celtic knot with some plant or herb used by Jamie and Claire would be awesome for jewelry (especially like the design on her ring…)."

    It has been so fun to read everyone's answers-- we love the diversity of everyone's geekiness!  CADSAWAN is crazy to lucky to have such interesting & inspiring fans.  If you have time, check out everyone's responses on the contest posting or on CADSAWAN's Facebook page-- you might find something new to geek out about!

  • The Geek Chic Bling Contest

    First of all, I would like to thank you for all the support you've given me over the years. True Blood is in it's last season. Vampire Academy is finally turning into a movie. KPOP stars are wearing my jewelry. I have the key to the red room of pain. And, where is Ashmole 782?  Valerie, my marketing maven, says all this has to do with geek chic being the new black.

    Well, if geek chic is in ... I want to hear from the geeks - both ladies and gents. I want to know what geeks you out! I want you to shame me with your überGeekiness! And, whomever WOWs me the most will get a prize. EDIT - Actually, I've decided to pick at random because so far ... I'm already finding it hard !!! ALSO ... you may enter on my FB Page. It can be about anything ... a book you're reading, a TV show you're watching, an animal you just discovered, caterpillars, the Higgs Boson, psychokinesis, the Teutonic Knights, a new iPhone app ... anything geeky. Extra points if you can turn that thought into a piece of jewelry :)


    1. one entry each

    2. 200 words MAX

    3. Ends 18 Sept 2013 23:59 EST

    4. This is an international contest

    The winners receive:

    ladies: Stake Necklace with Diamond Rondelles

    gents: A Sterling Silver Oliver Pendant

  • CADSAWAN at Eight of Swords!


    Have you been to Eight of Swords?  A stunning jewelry boutique + gallery in Williamsburg, it's also home to some seriously talented tattoo artists.  We could not be more excited to be one the incredible artists included in this shop! 

    Erica, who curates the collection, has found fierce, beautiful pieces that capture your imagination.  Stop by the shop, be inspired, + maybe get some ink!


    115 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY 11249
  • Moon Of My Life, My Sun And Stars


    Moon, Sun, Stars! Sounds like an astrological disaster or true love! Khaleesi, mother of dragons, had a moon in her life and now she has three bright, shining baby dragons, but it hasn't been all hearts and flowers for this lost princess. Khaleesi Targaryen, one of my favorite characters of Game of Thrones, is an outcast. Yet whatever grisly situation comes, she conquers gaining more power and even more followers. I have to say, I like heroines like her. Ones that find strength from adversity. Ones that humbly teeter on eminence. Ones who sacrifice for love. And that is the answer to why I designed dragon egg jewelry. The baby dragons symbolize regeneration from death and love. So poetic. I hope that she finds another moon, sun and/or stars in her life – mainly because those dragons need a father or at least someone to keep them in line. Hope you like the pieces. Here are what others think about them The Gloss & Accessories Magazine.

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