Moon Of My Life, My Sun And Stars

Janet Cadsawan


Moon, Sun, Stars! Sounds like an astrological disaster or true love! Khaleesi, mother of dragons, had a moon in her life and now she has three bright, shining baby dragons, but it hasn't been all hearts and flowers for this lost princess. Khaleesi Targaryen, one of my favorite characters of Game of Thrones, is an outcast. Yet whatever grisly situation comes, she conquers gaining more power and even more followers. I have to say, I like heroines like her. Ones that find strength from adversity. Ones that humbly teeter on eminence. Ones who sacrifice for love. And that is the answer to why I designed dragon egg jewelry. The baby dragons symbolize regeneration from death and love. So poetic. I hope that she finds another moon, sun and/or stars in her life – mainly because those dragons need a father or at least someone to keep them in line. Hope you like the pieces. Here are what others think about them The Gloss & Accessories Magazine.