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Sassenachs Unite!

While I was at San Diego Comic Con, I met up with a lot of fans but had a chance to meet with The Outlander Podcast! They are two sisters, Summer and Ginger, who have been reading Diana Gabaldon's series for years started talking about it on their podcast. It turns out that I had no idea they were sisters! Summer has been one of my jewelry fans for a while and sent me picture wearing the Luckenbooth Necklace. I listen to them often while I work on jewelry, and I have to say that they are some of the...

Outlandish Giveaway!

Janet Cadsawan

Tags Amethyst, Charm, Diana Gabaldon, Luckenbooth, Outlander, Pearls, Scotland

This Giveaway has ended. Thank you! For a few weeks now, I've been teasing you with the Thistle Luckenbooth Charm. I've looked everywhere for one that had both interlocking hearts, a thistle with amethyst and with some thistle ornaments - there wasn't one that I was satisfied with, so I designed one. Many fans of the Outlander Series have told me that it's the best one they've seen yet. Some Scots have told me it's Scotch! I wear my ring every day and get compliments on the subway. Needless to say, I love it and I am thrilled to be...

“What hath Knights to do with sleep?” ― John Milton

THIS CONTEST IS FINISHED. WINNER - tlmfarmgirl THANK YOU EVERYONE! That's right, no sleeping here Knights of Lazarus of Bethany! The Knights of Lazarus are dedicated to help and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Matthew de Clermont's seal was used to activate these knights to once again protect someone, i.e. Diana Bishop. This contest has a noble cause like the Knights of Lazarus, and it is threefold: One is a vow; One is practice; One is help. You must do all of these in order to be worthy to wear this necklace. 1. Vow: you must promise to help...

Romina Nabhen talks inspiration and design with Janet

Valerie Miller

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You may be familiar with Romina Nabhen.  An Argentine beauty based in Miami, her fashion and lifestyle expertise has been shared on all major television networks, including CNN Español, BRAVO, E!, and Telemundo, (just to name a few!).  What makes Romina so successful?  We think it has to do with her huge heart-- besides rescuing two pups with her husband, she is a national spokesperson for Children Without A Voice (CWAV), raising awareness and preventing crimes against children, child abuse and neglect.  This is not your average fashionista! Romina recently discovered CADSAWAN Jewelry and fell in love with Janet's Dragon...


Valerie Miller

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We have a lot to be thankful for this year in the CADSAWAN Studio. Books, gems, and incredibly inspiring fans are the things that light up our days.  (...well, brownies, too!) We are celebrating the holidays with sparkling new designs + a THANKFUL sale! Save 30% on ALL JEWELRY with code THANKgems until Monday, December 2 at midnight PST.